About Create QR Codes

This site was created to be a resource for people, like me, who are curious about QR codes.As QR codes are becoming more prevalent in the US, I believe that people should be able to learn as much about them as they would like to know. QR codes are an interesting tool for interacting with others and sharing information. Any link found on this site is meant to be informative. They are as free of ads as possible. Direct links to company's pages are only included in order to show examples of the uses of QR codes and how to create and read them.

One of the better ways to become more knowledgeable about QR codes is to download a QR code reader, and scan codes. Test a couple of QR reader apps and scan any codes you can find. Seeing what appeals to you in other people's use of QR codes should be helpful in creating your own QR codes, and generally understanding them.

Talk to your friends about QR codes and find out what they know about them. It seems that a few people know a lot about QR codes while others know next to nothing. Help make your friends be the people that know about QR codes. Many of my friends had seen QR codes but never knew what they were for until I talked about QR codes to them.

Take advantage of the many uses QR codes can have for the creator and the person who scans them.

This website was created in the fall of 2011.