Creative Us Of QR Codes

Some QR code campaigns go above and beyond the normal, plain black and white QR code in the corner of a flyer or advertisement. The ingenuity of people in creating new and interesting content and context for successful QR code campaigns is admirable. Here are a few of my favorite uses of QR codes and QR code campaigns.

Mogo Tix

Virtual tickets are a good use of QR code because most concert goers keep their phones on them at all times, so if their ticket is a QR code sent to their email, they will be less likely to lose their ticket then they would be if it was a piece of paper. When you get to the venue, you open the email with the code and the ticket taker scans the code of your screen.

Box for Life

Columbia Sportswear is giving customers the option to receive their product in a “box for life,” box. This is a box that has been reused by the company to ship items. When customers receive their package, they scan the QR code on it and write the story of their box on the website. They can see where the box has been before they got it, read other people's stories and marvel at how far it has travelled. Read more about Box for Life.

Greeting Cards that are Mixtapes

An ad agency recently introduced the concept of sending people a card with a QR code inside that when scanned leads to a Spotify mix tape.

JCPenny Santa Tags

Similar to recordable books and cards, JCPenny Santa Tags hope to give the personal touch of someone's voice to long distance gift giving. You buy the tag, scan the QR Code, record a message and then stick it to the package. When the person receives it, they scan the code with their smartphone and hear the message you recorded for them. Check out their advertisement for the service.

Lego QR Code

Advertisements for a German toy store featured signs with colorful QR codes made of legos depicting imaginative scenes. The results of the campaign were very good for the company.The Lego QR Code advertisements doubled the sale of legos from their online store and accounted for half of the traffic on their site.

Homeplus Virtual Store

The Homeplus Virtual Grocery Store in South Korea was one of the first uses of QR code I'd ever heard about. While shoppers wait for their subway trains, they can scan the codes of grocery items on virtual grocery shelves posted in the stations. The objects they scan and purchase are delivered to their homes a few hours later, saving them a trip to the market after a long day of work. See how it improved the company's sales.

World Park Campaign

The World Park Campaign was started as a way to get more younger, tech savvy New Yorkers interested in Central Park. Essentially, it turned the entire park into a trivia board game. The World Park Campaign video explains it better.