Custom QR Codes

Make custom QR codes! Market your business with a custom QR code that is interesting and not just black and white.

Brand Recognition

One of the best features about QR codes is the fact that you can customize them by putting a logo or picture into the symbol. Companies like the BBC want custom QR Codes that are easily recognizable. Other businesses focus on coming up with a creative design. Louis Vuitton teamed up with artist Takashi Murakami to make a custom Qr Code featuring one of his characters and the Louis Vuitton symbol. The idea is to make a QR Code that is visually appealing and says something about the business that produced it. Check out these 15 good examples of creative QR codes.

Personal QR Codes

Custom QR Codes are not just for big companies. It is just as easy to make your own QR code personalized as it is to make free QR codes. Once you have made and downloaded your QR code, there are a few different ways you can customize the symbol.

Options for Customizing QR Codes

One of the ways to personalize a QR Code is to overlay text or a picture onto your symbol. The text or picture ends up appearing either under the QR code's modules or appearing in the dark parts of the symbol.This doesn't change the configuration of the modules of the QR Code. (Modules are the black and white dots that contain the actual information in the barcode.) The modules remain unchanged in position but might change color. This edit is easy to accomplish using photoshop.

Watch this video for more detailed instructions: Putting images in QR codes

It is possible to add an image or logo to the text, that isn't in the background but is actually looks to be a part of the code.This method of customizing a QR code also uses photoshop but is slightly more difficult, in my opinion. If done improperly your QR code won't scan. Make sure when you make your QR code that you have it's error correction on at least M if you want to alter the modules. Here are some good video tutorials for this concept; They are a little different so it might be helpful to watch both, one is for Mac and the other is for PC.

How come it is possible to edit the modules on a QR code, and still be able to scan and use the symbol?

This is the real beauty of the QR code. Unlike its predecessor, the barcode, QR code has error correction capability. This means that if the symbol becomes dirty or damaged, when you scan it, it will still work due to a type of code called Reed-Solomon code that is embedded into it by the QR code encoder. In addition to meaning you can customize the codes a bit, this error correction coding makes QR Code good for use in places where damage is likely to happen to the barcode itself, such as a factory.