How To Make QR Codes

Learn how to make your own free QR code and generate your own personal QR codes using QR code software. 

Get a free personal QR Code

Because Denso Wave, the company who developed QR Codes, doesn't exercise its patent rights, it is easy to get free QR codes.

Choose a Site

There are plenty of sites on the web that offer free QR codes, but if you want a free code and you don't want to deal with an excessive number of advertisements, I'd suggest you check out a few before you make your code. A lot of them are trying to get you to sign up for something or buy a premium subscription. That's not necessarily a bad thing. If you use a commercial QR code generator you might have the option to track qr codes that you make. But it definitely is not necessary to ever pay just to make a QR Code.

Error Correction Level

Most QR code software comes with the option for different levels of error correction. Error correction means that because of Reed Solomon code embedded by the QR code encoder, it is possible for a QR code to become dirty and damaged (or customized) and still work. L is the lowest level of error correction, meaning that 7% of the modules (the black and white dots on the symbol) can be corrected. Q is the highest level of error correction, meaning that 25% of the modules can be corrected. The higher the level of error correction you select, the bigger the code itself will be.

QR Code Content

It it possible to connect your QR code to all sorts of different content. When a code is scanned, the QR code scanner could

  • display text
  • go to URL
  • call a Phone Number
  • get a Business Card (vCard)
  • send/ receive a text message

QR Code Size

The size of a QR code is measured in the number of modules. The more information you include in your code, (the amount of text, the length of the URL) affects how large your QR code will come out. If for some reason you need a smaller code, you can use less error correction or try shortening your URL with a shortener like For instructions on how to do that check out this video on how to create a QR code using You can also adjust the size of the modules in your code on some generators if you have a preference for the size of your code.

Before Making Your Code

Consider the content you want to scan to before you generate qr codes. When you choose a QR Code creator, be sure to find one that has options for the type of action that will happen when the code gets a scan, and options for the amount of error correction you need. For example, if you want to create custom QR codes by adding a logo to your QR code, you should choose a higher error correction level.

Make Your Code

Fill in all your information and preferences and hit enter in your QR code generator. Download your code. It's as easy as that! If you are given the option, it's probably best to choose to download your QR code as a PNG file.