QR Code Printed Products

Once you've created your QR code, you need to have a way to get it out there for the world to see it and hopefully, scan it!You have a bunch of different options to chose from for getting your QR code seen. Use QR code business cards and more.

Simply Printing Your Codes

You can always make your QR code very big and print it out using a printer. Just make sure that your image works before you print a lot of them.

T Shirts

Many QR code literate companies have chosen to have their QR Code design printed onto the front or back of a t-shirt at one time or another. Although this unusual shirt design will catch the public's eye, keep in mind that t shirts don't always lay flat and that it is difficult enough already to scan a QR code off of a moving person. Avoid getting one t shirt with your code printed. The t shirt concept is still useful for some types of conferences. A good way to make use of QR code printed t shirts would be to get a lot of shirts made for a group of people who are standing together, in a not particularly active environment, one where they would mostly be standing still. The over abundance of the codes would definitely get people curious about the symbol and would make QR code knowledgable people get their scanners out.


QR code stickers are one of the most interesting ways to get people to scan your code, especially if you live in a city. For example, if you had a bakery you could make up a QR code with a picture of cute little cupcake picture in the middle. Then in a radius of a few blocks from your bakery, you could affix the stickers to telephone poles or the backs of signs, at about eye level from the street. People will be walking along, see your little cupcake QR code and want to scan it. Then you can have picture menu of your delicious deserts pop up, as well as your address.


 In the technological world we live in, people enjoy getting “snail mail.” You can get a bunch ofpostcards up that have your QR code on them, that might link to some kind of exclusive download or discount. Then send them out to people on your business's mailing list. They'll appreciate the chance to get some exclusive content.

Business Cards

In some circles, QR Codes are commonplace on business cards. You simply link the QR code to download a vcard, which contains all your contact information, and your website information. That way if your card gets lost after a while, they still have your contact info saved in their smartphone. Plus, they didn't have to take the time to type it into their phone. 

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