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Use the best QR code generators to make your own QR code to scan with QR code scanner applications. 

QR code generators

If you want to make a QR code, quickly, easily and for free, there are a lot of options out there. In my opinion two of the best are:

This site is totally free and you don't have to sign up. As the qr code creator you can use this site to make a code that links to any URL or displays text.

This site should come with a little explanation. It is the Google URL shortener. But with this video it is easy to learn How to Create Qr Codes Using Goo.gl . It's a good site to use because it also lets you see some statistics about the codes you make, so you can track QR codes that you've made and see what kind of traffic they're getting.

For those of us who are bit more technologically minded, you can even create your own qr codes using the Google charts API.

QR Code Scanners

Just like there are a variety of sites that can generate QR codes, there are also many applications that you can download onto your smartphone in order to scan QR code. Some phones even come with  preinstalled QR / barcode readers. Smartphones that don't come with a preprogrammed QR reader application can often download a reliable one off of their carrier's application store. It's not hard to find a good one for free. The following applications have a lot of happy users:

  • i-nigma- is the most popular QR code decoder. It is preinstalled on the majority of cellphones that have a camera in Japan. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store, Android Market, and Blackberry App World. The interface is easy to use, and it takes hardly any time to recognize, scan and display the content of the qr code. It reads many different types of 2d code and barcode.

  • Quickmark- reads different types of 2d code and barcode and is supported by nearly every major mobile company. It has a nice interface. Con: it isn't free for iPhone.

  • Scan- is available for Apple products, only. It's extremely simple, you download the app, and it's ready to “Scan,” there's no menu so you can scan a passing code faster. It's free and has a built in web browser that opens the URLs for you. It only scans QR code.

If none of those applications work for you, a search of any application store should turn up some good results as new qr decoders are being made everyday and old ones are being updated.

Quick marketing tip:

If you don't live in an area that is familiar with QR code scanning, make sure you include instructions on what to do with the QR code in your advertisement as well as instructions on how to download a QR code reader.

This link will provide more information on different scanning apps: